Become A Member

Professional Prestige

  • ACCC membership efforts have been recognized by members of the insurance industry, employer community, ACA, AABT, ABQAURP and NAHQ.
  • ACCC is the only national organization representing the individual chiropractic provider of QA/UR activities.
  • The certification program and successful completion of the ABCC board exams awards the ABCC’s Diplomate status to ACCC members who meet the requisite professional standards.



  • ACCC is able to input in the development of QA/UR policies within the insurance industry, professional associations and enforcement agencies nationally.
  • ACCC is able to promulgate College policy at local and state levels.
  • Many of our members hold positions in the ACA, state associations, examining boards, college faculties and insurance entities.


Access to Information

  • Separate mailings of valuable, timely reference materials.
  • Specific journals issue(s) that pertain to QA/UR issues.
  • Access to our website which will provide a forum where you can e-mail ACCC colleagues nationwide, have your questions discussed and answered (free of charge), exchange news, views and information, and browse through ACCC policies and updates.


  • Discounts on ACCC sponsored educational conferences
  • Continuing education credits for designated annual conferences
  • Exposure to current trends and evidence for chiropractic practice


Commitment to excellence

  • Membership in the only national organization supporting the individual chiropractic provider of utilization review/management and quality assurance activities


  • Directory listing on the ACCC website
  • Networking with others involved in consultant activities